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The Internet allows us to search for solutions. It is now easily accessible for anyone around the world to locate your products and/or services. That being said it is important we can all locate the most trustworthy, authoritative resources. We want the highest quality information on the top of the web.

We help you build your web foundation. Tell us your story. The world wants to hear you.

Jonathan Elijah Bowers

Jonathan Elijah Bowers


It is my mission to help Fort Worth, Texans spread brand awareness on the web. My strategy is based on a win-win-win mindset. You win by sharing your product, your customer wins by alleviating their problem, and I win by being the connector.

I attended Stephen F. Austin State University for three years, studied music & marketing, then branched away to build my personal consulting business.

University taught me to be self-reliant, open-minded, and respectful of everyone. We come from various backgrounds, standards and norms, and ideologies.

You can find me outdoors at the lake, hiking, or reading about psychology and business. I love learning about computers and animals.


Web Design

Symmetrical, compliant, and understandable websites attract positive attention. We help you build a convertible, authoritative web presence.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the best marketing strategy in the world. The reason being is because we connect you with those who search for the product and/or services you offer.

Digital Marketing

Web design, pay-per-click advertising, and consulting are our forte. We attain the maximum amount of traffic for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an SEO Consultant?

A search engine optimization(digital Marketing, advertising) consultant is an individual who offers business advice to those who want to improve understanding and results regarding their ranking, visibility, and conversion on the Internet via the Search Engines such as Google, YouTube, and Amazon.

How can I trust an SEO, Digital Marketing, & Advertising Consultant?

Proof elements such as rankings, CTR’s(click-through rates), and conversions(sales) through organic traffic can be measured via Google Analytics.

When can I expect real-time results?

Every web presence within a target market varies differently. On average, rankings, click-through rates, and conversions can improve between 6-12 months based on your website’s general health.

What is the difference between SEO and PPC?

Organic search engine optimization(SEO) and pay-per-click(PPC) advertising are opposites in terms of time for results.

Search engine optimization is the technical business model to acquire relevant and authoritative traffic that permanently assists your website to convert on the Web.

On the other hand, pay-per-click advertising is an Internet campaign that allows you to target your specific keyword on the search engines then pay whenever a person clicks your advertisement.

What is a keyword?

Search terms(keywords) are pain points potential customers search on the web to discover the solutions to their problems. Understanding the consumer mindset is synonymous with seeking highly profitable keywords.

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